Even with My Issues

Even with My Issues

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The enemy will try anything to prevent you from moving beyond your issues, just as he did with the woman with the issue of blood. This woman of determination, willing to fight her way through any obstacle standing between her and her healing, had just enough strength for her outstretched hand to barely touch the hem of His garment, which immediately brought her freedom.

Like her, you can be free of the shame and bondage of your issues. Dr. Wanda Turner invites you on the most challenging journey you will ever take-a journey from rejection to acceptance, from fear to faith, from a shattered life to wholeness. Serving as your guide, she clears a path for you through the crowd and removes the roadblocks that stand in your way. Discover how you, too, can touch the hem of His garment and be set free.

Highlighted contents:
"...I'm Broke"
"...I'm Empty"
"...I'm Afraid"
"...I'm Wounded"
"...I'm Too Young"
Go in Peace

Author Dr. Wanda Turner